healing test

Test - How to receive your Healing.

1. According to Mark 11:24 in order to receive from God you must:
A. Desire the answer
B. Desire and pray for it
C. Desire it, pray for it, and believe you receive it.

2. According to Mark 11:24 when are you to believe you receive the answer?
A. When you see the answer manifested.
B. When you get a nice spiritual feeling.
C. When you pray.

3. Which 4 steps are necessary to being in position to believe-receive healing?
1. knowing that Healing is God's will for you.
2. knowing God is a liberal giver who freely gives us healing when we ask.
3. knowing that God might say yes or no or wait when you ask Him for healing.
4. knowing God always gives an instant manifestation when you ask for healing.
5. knowing that God always gives you healing power when you ask for healing.
6. knowing that God gives healing power through the laying on of feet.
7. knowing that God gives healing power through the laying on of hands.
8. knowing that if I don't feel better immediately God did not hear my prayer.

a. 1,3,5,7    b. 2,4,6,8     c, 1,3,5,7     d. 2,3,4,7     e. 1,2,5,7

4. Healing is in the Atonement, therefore it must be God's will to heal all our sicknesses & that He will freely give us healing power when we ask (True/ False)

5. To receive healing we must ask in confident faith, with our heart prepared by the Word, so that we are able to believe we receive when we pray. (True or False)