Getting Healed

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The new book by Derek Walker - Getting Healed

Foreword by Rick Renner

Endorsements by Bob Yandian, Christine Darg, Yemi Balogun (Revelation TV) and Gordon Hickson

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GoodhealthisvitaltoenjoylifeandfulfillGodíswillóyetweliveinasickworld. FormanyChristians,healingismysteriousandvexing. Theyseehealingashitormiss,andsofindithardtotrustGodtohealthem.

GettingHealedbuildsyourconfidencein GodísWord,enablingyoutoreceive Godís healing. Itwilltransformyourwholeunderstandingofdivinehealth so you can walkbyfaithinthehealingpowerofGod.

With a Foreword by Rick Renner and Endorsements from Bob Yandian, Christine Darg, Yemi Balogun (Revelation TV) and Gordon Hickson. Getting Healed is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to understand divine healing and for those who are sick and are in need of a miracle, the truths in this book will ignite your faith and enable you to come to God and receive the healing you need.

Support this book launch by purchasing your copy of Getting Healed today. Call 01865 515 086 or send a cheque for £9.99, payable to Derek Walker, to: Oxford Bible Church, 363 Banbury Road, Oxford, OX2 7PL

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