CHAPTER 5 (Part 3)

When Israel was scattered to the nations because of her sin, God’s Name (reputation) was profaned among the nations, because although they were His Covenant People, it seemed as if He was not fulfilling His promises to Israel (Ezekiel 36:21-23). This would cause the nations to doubt that the God of the Bible, Who is the God of Israel, is truly the Almighty God as He claimed to be. To profane is to treat as ordinary, that He is just like all the other ‘so-called’ gods, which do not really exist.

The result of this dramatic and powerful Divine Intervention in the Midst of Israel is to declare His Holy Name to the nations, so that they will profane His Name no more. That is, they will know that is the holy and true God, set apart from all other so-called gods -there is none like Him. In particular, the nations will know that He is the Holy God of Israel, and the Holy One IN ISRAEL, just as the Bible says.

God's appointment with Russia and Islam is set; and it will be kept. As a result, not only will God's name be sanctified among the Gentile nations, but in Israel as well. We live in the most complacent and atheistic generation in history. But when God defeats this massive invasion force with a display of miraculous power, many will repent of their sinful rebellion and unbelief. When the people of the Gentile nations see the devastation, they will know God is the Lord of Israel. The Jews in Israel will also know that God has saved them from the hands of their enemies. Thus, when the miraculous battle is over, Israel and all the Gentile nations will know that it was the power of God that destroyed the invading armies. There will be few atheists left after His supernatural intervention to save Israel. This will be the most powerful object lesson the world has seen since God’s destruction of the Egyptian Superpower by drowning in the Red Sea!

*After the Invasion, 7 YEARS are needed for Israel to dismantle and destroy the enemy weapons. The Bible declares that the invaders' weapons and fuel won't be wasted. Many Russian weapons and fuel depots will provide fuel to burn in the next 7 years.

Ezekiel 39:9,10: “Then those who dwell in the Cities of Israel will go out and set on fire and burn the weapons, both the shields and bucklers, the bows and arrows, the javelins and spears; and they will make fires with them for 7 YEARS. They will not take wood from the field nor cut down any from the forests, because they will make fires with the weapons; and they will plunder those who plundered them, and pillage those who pillaged them.”

*7 Months are taken by the whole population to bury the dead:

The numbers of the dead will be so overwhelming that it will take 7 months for Israel to bury the bodies in a Valley east of the Sea (either east of the Dead Sea in Jordan, or of the Mediterranean Sea).

Ezekiel 39:11-13: “It will come to pass in that day, that I will give Gog a burial place there in Israel, the Valley of those who pass by East of the Sea; and it will obstruct travellers, because there they will bury Gog and all his multitude. Therefore they will call it the Valley of Hamon Gog (‘the Multitude of Gog’).”

For 7 MONTHS the house of Israel will be burying them, in order to cleanse the Land. Indeed all the people of the Land will be burying, and they will gain renown for it on the day that I am glorified,” says the Lord GOD.” There will be Memorial Day (a national holiday for Israel to celebrate their national deliverance).

This indicates the extent of the massive casualties. The whole population will be engaged in disposing of the bodies for 7 months. These nations will come to Israel to take her land, but the only piece of land they will claim in Israel will be their burial plots. They will set out to bury Israel, but God will bury them.

Ezekiel 39:14-16: “They will set apart men regularly employed, with the help of a search party, to pass through the Land and bury those bodies remaining on the ground, in order to cleanse it. At the end of 7 MONTHS they will make a search. The search party will pass through the land; and when anyone sees a man’s bone, he shall set up a marker by it, till the buriers have buried it in the Valley of Hamon Gog. The name of the City will also be ‘Hamonah’. Thus they shall cleanse the Land.”

After the 7 months professional teams will be organised to complete the burials. One team will search for and set up a marker for the remaining bodies, and then another team will transport and bury them in the special Valley (‘Hamongog’ - the Valley of the multitude of Gog. This will be a massive Cemetery.

Some see in these detailed burial procedures evidence of the use od nuclear, chemical or biological weapons. However, it is just as easily explained as the kind of organised care Israel would take to bury the dead and thus cleanse the Land, without defiling people ritually defiling themselves unnecessarily by touching the bodies. A revival of faith brought on by this Divine Intervention would increase their desire to cleanse the Land in conformity to the Law of Moses.

Overlooking the Cemetery a new City will be built, named Hamonah, which means “multitude.” There will also be a new City built near the large Burial Site. This City, along with the Memorial Day and the 7 Months of Burial and 7 Years of Burning indicate that life in Israel will continue on normally for a number of years after this invasion. This makes it hard to conceive of it happening during the Tribulation. By far the most likely scenario is that it takes place “in the latter years”, near the end of the Church Age, before the Tribulation even begins. That is, in the very time we are living in right now! Thus the extended clear-up operation that lasts 7 YEARS is a major clue as to WHEN this Invasion and Divine Judgement will all happen. The 7 years clear-up are crucial in determining when this invasion occurs. For any view to be correct, it must satisfy the requirements of these seven months and seven years.

We will consider these issues of Timing in more detail in the next Chapter.
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