The Imminent Invasion of Israel

The Imminent Invasion of Israel

by Derek Walker

(c) Derek Walker 2010



Chapter 1: The Background and Setting (Ezekiel 36,37)    Part 2,

Chapter 2: WHO are the Invaders?

Chapter 3: WHERE do they invade?

Chapter 4: WHY do they invade?    Part 2,   Part 3

Chapter 5: WHAT does God do, and HOW does He do it?    Part 2,   Part 3

Chapter 6: WHEN will this Invasion happen ?    Part 2,   Part 3

Chapter 7: A Possible Scenario

Appendix 1: The identification of the nations of Ezekiel 38

Appendix 2: The Prince of Rosh or the Chief Prince?

Appendix 3: Who is GOG?

Appendix 4: Where is MAGOG?

Appendix 5: Where is ROSH?

Appendix 6: Where is MESHECH and TUBAL?

Appendix 7: Where is GOMER?

Appendix 8: Who are the House of TOGARMAH?

Appendix 9: Where is PERSIA?

Appendix 10: Where is CUSH?

Appendix 11: Where is PUT (LIBYA)?

Appendix 12: Who are the Merchants of TARSHISH?

Appendix 13: Who are SHEBA and DEDAN?

Appendix 14: Psalm 83

Appendix 15: Islamic Prophecies of Gog and Magog