Audio Messages in 2009

Messages in 2009

Derek Walker - March of Faith.mp3

Michael R Watson - Evening Service.mp3

Michael R Watson - Love.mp3

Simon Potter - Honouring Authority.mp3

Simon Potter - Prayer for the Nations.mp3

Chris Hill - Psalm 23.mp3

Chris Hill - Preparing for the return of Christ.mp3

Derek Walker - Authority of the Believer - Part 1.mp3

Derek Walker - Authority of the Believer - Part 2.mp3

Derek Walker - The Fourth Man.mp3

Harry Ascott - The Power of the Cross.mp3

Pete Samra - When God calls you, He will provide.mp3

Pete Samra - Walking Righteous Paths.mp3

Dr Clarice Fluitt - Evening Service.mp3

Dr Clarice Fluitt - Morning Service.mp3

Lindsey Mann - The Annointing.mp3

Lindsey Mann - The Blessing of God.mp3

Derek Walker - Sodom and Gomorrah.mp3

Derek Walker - Holy Spirit Service.mp3

Yemi Balogun - Grace Through Humility.mp3

Derek Walker - Wells of Salvation.mp3

John Rood - The End of the Beginning.mp3

Shaneen Clark - Going Deeper.mp3

Stephen Pacht - Jews for Jesus Presentation.mp3

Allan Jones - Who is the Lord to be Obeyed.mp3

Simon Potter - I Will Build My Church.mp3

Ernie Catalano - The Power of Suggestion.mp3

Derek Walker - The Sabbath Prinicple.mp3

Suzane Pillans - The Three Greatest Gifts.mp3

Tony Flege - Passionate for God.mp3

Derek Walker - Anointing - Part 2.mp3

Derek Walker - Living in His Resurection.mp3

Peter Hockley - Arise and Shine.mp3

Derek Walker - Heaven is our Home.mp3

Derek Walker - Our Freedom in CHrist.mp3

Derek Walker - The Holy Sirit.mp3

Derek Walker - Does Israel Have a Future.mp3

Hilary Walker - Holy Spirit.mp3

Pete Samra - Vision and Providsion.mp3

Sadi Pekerol - Evangelism.mp3

Simon Potter - We are in the Spirit.mp3